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5 yr reunion
also 5yr reunion



Back Row: Sarah Moody, Kelly Fink Agers, Jenny Wathan Blake, Kim Griffin, then to the front it is me Shelli Church Grunder, Cindy Fink Damon, Jennifer Curtis Fridley, Nikki Otto and Taura Drake Prosek.

Taura, Kim, Shelli, Cindy, Jenny, Michelle

Dawn Tina Tricha Crystal

Keith (little keith) Porne

below is Motley Crue 2009

Brian Jamie  ...  ...    ...   Jason  Jenifer  Troy


                                                                      NA     Brad Derksen   NA   NA       Troy Carter   in Saipan


A group who have their own 'reunion from time to time (why wait five years)

Gloria Beth Sara Jodi Traci Rachel .... Melissa Tracy  Crystal

Shawn Shelli ... Michelle ...  .... ....